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Job Oriented Courses after 12th 


Most of the students confused about what to do after passing 12th class and get a good job? Today, technology has become so advanced and there are many courses to join but which one to choose puts you in dilemma. If you’re looking for a short-term job oriented course at a low-cost and where you need to study less than we have a wonderful opportunity for you! So, we have something for the students who want to make their career in the automation technology. Students can join our training courses with IASE Institute in Kerala. Let me introduce you to the Institute and its courses:


A) What is IASE?

IASE stands for Institution of Advanced Studies in Engineering. It offers a variety of courses from 6 months to 1 Year Course for +2 students, Be, BTech Holders and Electrical Engineers.

B) What type of courses does IASE offer?

IASE offer several courses and excellent training on them so that you can get job placement.

Best Courses after 12th 

C) Electrical Training Courses in Kerala - Electrical Design Courses

Electrical training courses are specifically designed to equip students having no technical background or don’t have a VHSC or ITI basic qualification and enrolling for the automation courses. The main goal of this course is to introduce the students with important electrical and electronics concepts. The students who join this course will get training on first aid, safety measures to follow at work, basic concepts in Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Pneumatics and Hydraulics.

Short Term Courses for Electrical Engineering Students!

Electrical Courses Kerala

It’s a two-week preparatory course which is necessary before beginning the main course of automation training. After attending the course, the students will develop various skills required to do first-line maintenance and operations of various automation systems. The main emphasis of the course is on experiential learning where training is given in life scenarios for a better understanding. The students will get printed-notes and other study material to enhance their understanding about various theoretical aspects as well.   

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Why and how Electrical course is helpful to students?

The course is basically designed to familiarize students with all the basic concepts and practical elements needed to move on to further automation training courses. It’s just like a warm up before you do exercise. It develops a better understanding of safe working practices on electrical systems, electrical principles, develops knowledge about electrical equipment and devices, detect basic errors in the system, read and understand various circuit diagrams and a lot more. This course is helpful for the students who have passed their 12th class and get Job Placement for sure. 

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D) HVAC Training Institute - HVAC Training Courses in Kerala

HVAC Technician Courses!

First of all, HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It’s a highly developed job sector which offers equal job opportunities for students to work in abroad or in Kerala. The Institute offers training related to Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. After completing the course, students can get a job in hospitals, hotels, factories and companies that undertake air conditioning projects.

IASE is the Best HVAC Training Institute in Kerala with 100% placement!

The main aim of this training course is to give a deep and comprehensive understanding of various HVAC concepts and ideas to the candidates so that they can carry out them during their employment as a HVAC Engineer.

The normal duration of the course is one year.

Find some valuable Information about HVAC Control System here as under:

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HVAC control system


Why and How it's helpful for Students after +12 for Jobs Placement?

What to Do After 12th ?

This course is helpful for the students who passed their +2 and are looking for a job in HVAC. Because IASE is a leading HVAC training centre in Kerala having branches in Trivandrum and Thrissur also. There are various job opportunities in this sector because it is growing at a faster pace on the global scale and AC is also becoming a necessity for everyone in Kerala due to the rising Temperature and a lot more reasons. It has thus increased the demand for professionals who have done HVAC training courses.


E) CCTV Training Institute - CCTV Training Courses in Kerala

CCTV training is a two months job oriented course having a great demand in India and abroad as well. The growth in real-estate and banking sector has led to the need for professionals with experience hand in CCTV Technology.

Why CCTV training Course is important?

The main aim of this course is to help those candidates who want to make a career in the CCTV Technology as CCTV engineer, technician, sales professional and much more. This course provides theoretical as well as practical knowledge to students. Due to the increase in opportunities in the CCTV technology, getting a job in that industry is achieving success which is a plus point for candidates.

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What does CCTV Training Course Provide?

These courses provide deep knowledge about various theoretical aspects of CCTV Technology. It gives you each detail related to the CCTV Technology with effective use of hands-on automation training sessions. This training program provides you everything to make you a successful and skilled CCTV professional, engineer or contractor.

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After successfully completing the one-month course, you’ll get a certificate in CCTV systems Technology.

There are a number of institutions providing automation training but what makes IASE different from others is that it offers best CCTV training courses, modules and services in Kerala. Moreover, it gives a 100% satisfaction to the students.

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F) Job Training Courses in Kerala  - Job Oriented Courses after 12th 

a) Gulf Job Training in Kerala: Automation Jobs

Getting a good job which fulfils our needs is not so easy in this competitive world. It’s like a dream came true. However, IASE helps you to get a good job through the automation training provided by them.  Check out  Gulf Job Training Automation in Kerala


b) Job Placement for Engineers Diploma Holders!

The training structure of IASE is designed in such a way which empowers candidates with relevant engineering knowledge. Anyone can apply for the agile training modules whether he is a B.Tech holderdiploma holder or engineering apprentice. The training at IASE is the best for getting lucrative jobs as well as providing the right courses to ambitious and deserving candidates.  

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100% JOB Placement in Domestic & Foreign Countries:

Dear All, We are happy to announce that our EX- student Mr.Freji P.A. got placed in Shobha Developers (one of the largest construction companies in India) as a Fire Alarm Engineer in the project Lulu Cyber Tower. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.


Short Term Job Oriented Courses after Graduation

So, students who are 12th pass can join our IASE Training Institute for Short term, Yearly Courses only in Kerala. IASE offers quality training and job placement. There is a discount of 10% on all the courses if you pay the full fees within 1 month from the date of joining the course. So Hurry Up students! Join IASE today!

For more details, you can call IASE Institute Ph:7025570055.

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