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The communication technology termed Fiber Optic communication makes use of light pulses to transfer data from one point to another through optical fiber. The transmitted data are digital information generated by telephone systems, cable television companies, and computer systems. 

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Optical Fiber Training Institute

The high-speed data transfer is obtained by the principle of total internal reflection, for which the technology makes use of optical fibers. Optical fiber is a dielectric cylindrical waveguide made from low-loss materials, usually made of silicon dioxide. The inner core of the waveguide possess a refractive index greater than that of the outer medium, or cladding, to trigger total internal reflection when light pulses are guided along the axis of the fiber.  

The communication technology consists of an optical transmitter that convers electrical signal to an optical signal which are transferred through optical fiber, a cable made of several bundles of optical fibers, optical amplifiers used to increase the power of the optical signal, and an optical receiver that converts the optical signal back to the original transmitted electrical signal.  

Optical Fiber Training Installation - Technician Training

Optical fiber training  is the life force of telecommunication, data network, and television communication. Fiber optic technician’s services are essential in telecommunication companies to install cables and maintain them. Persons completing the Fiber optic technician training from the institute in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kottayam,Thrissur, in Kerala will get to deal with various jobs like to splice optical fiber and network them, commission the spliced fibers, rectify complaints of optical fibers, and the like.

Monitoring activities of under-sea gas and oil pipelines are also carried out using optical fiber cables. Optical fiber technicians can work in various fields like with small cable TV operators as well as in multi-national companies who lay under-water gas and oil pipelines. Experts foresee a huge growth in the optical fiber technology globally.