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BMS Technology Course


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Building management systems are those automated systems that are installed to monitor and regulate various mechanical, electrical plumbing systems that are used in the building for the smooth functioning of the building.



BMS/Building Management System Technology Training

The system helps the BMS crew to monitor, regulate, control and effectively manage all of the technical systems that help the building to function normally. The automated system in included so that all the MEP systems are constantly monitored for any flaws or system failures in real time and to take necessary actions mend the failure.

The scope of BMS has been on the rise thanks to the exposure in various industries such as banking, IT and even in real estate.

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Building Management System AutomationTraining Kerala:

The BMS takes care of the following systems that work independently and complementary to each other such as;

Automated motorised projection screen

Automated projection screens

Automated shutters

Biometric sensors

Biometric entry systems

Boom Barriers

Boom barrier & parking system

Curtain automation EAS systems

Electronic / digital locks

Electronic lockers



Fire suppression systems Garage doors
Gate automation

Home theatre Systems

Home theatre systems

IVRS systems

LCD Projectors

LCD projector

Metal detectors Multi apartment VDPs

Public address systems

PA systems

Sensor doors
Solar Power system Time attendance systems

Video Door phones

Video door phones

Video walls
Voice loggers  


One of the best advantages of having a BMS in any building is the ability to pinpoint any failure in the system as and when they happen. Gone are the days where it was very difficult to find out any failures in the mechanical, electrical or plumbing system and the staff had to work really hard to solve the issue. With the help of an effective and efficient BMS identifying such issues is easy and a MBS technology expert becomes a savior for the entire people working in any domestic or commercial building setup.

Building Management System(BMS) Training Institute KERALA:

Our BMS training course in Kerala consists of various systems that can be taken advantage of in the BMS technology and equips the students to develop various skills and abilities enabling them work with any BMS with high efficiency and effectiveness. The BMS training course in Kerala that we offer is one-of-a-kind with more hands-on training approach while imbibing the theoretical aspects of the technology deeply with the student.

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