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Being one of the few industries that were supported by the growth in real estate and other industries, the scope of fire alarm technology has been constantly on the rise creating jobs and newer employment and career options for millions of people across the world. 

The fire alarm technology in Kerala is offered to help aspiring candidates to take advantage of the growing industry at the earliest for a prospective career, altogether.

With a syllabus that is tightly-knitted with its real-life applications and importance, our fire alarm technology training in Kerala equips the candidate to become a skilled professional in the ever-growing lucrative industry of fire alarm technology.


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Fire Alarm Technology Training Cochin, INDIA

Emphasizing on providing practical training and exposure to the students through various real-life situations and internship, we strive hard to create a band of professionals who can meet all the requirements of the industry and support clients with exceptional skill and service deliverance. Once finishing the training, our candidate will find to have developed practical and effective skills to professionally carry our various required in fire alarm system installation and maintenance.

Who can Benefit from the Fire Alarm Technology Training Course for?

The fire alarm technology training course in Kerala provided by us prepares the student to become highly skilled and experienced professional in fire alarm technology. Once the course is completed, our students can become a fire alarm engineer, fire alarm sales professional, technician or any other fire alarm system associated profession. Having undergone our fire alarm training course, candidates will develop necessary skills and abilities to perform various tasks in designing, executing, installing and maintaining various commercial and domestic fire alarm systems. The course also provides valuable information on various regulations, safety precautions and rules that must be adhered to while installing, designing and commissioning different types of fire alarm systems at different organizational set ups.

What does the Fire Alarm Installation Course provide?

The carefully-designed and structured fire alarm installation course and automation training helps the students get in-depth knowledge various theoretical aspects of fire alarm technology and how they factor into creating an excellent fire alarm systems meeting all the custom requirements of clients from different walks of life. The course is packed to provide each every details pertaining to the fire alarm technology with effective use of hands-on fire alarm training sessions. The one-month training program has been perceived to provide the necessary in-puts to make you a skilled fire alarm system design engineer, fire alarm installation professional or an authorized fire alarm contractor, depending upon the direction you want to take your career on.

Is this a certification program?

Of course, yes. Upon successfully completing the single-month training course, you will be provided with a certification in fire alarm technology.

What are the normal tasks required to perform off a fire alarm engineer?

This is really a subjective question as depending upon of the size of the organization where you will be employed and how they would need you to perform. However, in a large organizational context, your job description will be exactly as given in your offer letter. If you are a sales professional, you will then be required to assist customers in finalizing the sales, the specifications of the equipment being purchased, customer service and other sales related enquiries.

On the other hand, if you are working for a smaller organization with fewer people working, you may have to foresee and undertake everything related to fire alarm systems and its effective functioning. It can range from conducting various types of risk assessment analyses, fire alarm plans, mount detectors and control panels,position detectors and wiring, feed cables through, performance testing, commissioning the system, test sirens, detectors, backup batteries, sounders and various other components to diagnose and troubleshoot any failure, organize all pertinent paperwork and provide necessary certificates, trace loose connections or conked out insulation in a fire alarm system. Sometimes the role would also require you to regularly maintain a logbookwith all activities along with users and also to deal with any paperwork or certificates that may be required due to any update, upgrade or change in the existing system.

Why us?

Though there may be institutions offering automation training, our unique approach to the training courses and our academic service offerings make us the best fire alarms systems training provider in Kerala.

  • 100% Student satisfaction
  • Multiple brand CCTV systems training. As there are several brands offering different fire alarm systems and panels, we make our students get familiar with three major international brands with the aim of helping to improve the employability of our students considerably.
  • We offer objective career guidance and support for candidates who want to find employment as a fire alarm professional or even to start a business in fire alarm industry.
  • Industry leading instructors and faculty ensuring the students are well versed in both theoretical and practical aspects of fire alarm technology and system.
  • Special care is given to keep the syllabus updated with latest industry trends and advancements in fire alarm system and technology.
  • Free internship and training is offered for our students in our parent organization Controls & Schematics.

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