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* With increasing significance, the CCTV technology training program offered at the institute is a one month job oriented course with great scope in India and abroad.

* With the unprecedented growth in the real-estate and banking sector, the need for professionals with experience hand in the realm of CCTV is higher than ever.

* CCTV Installation Technician Training Courses: Alarm installation courses. Call IASE Institute Ph: 7025570055 for more details on CCTV Training & Courses in Kerala.

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CCTV Camera Installation Training Courses in Kerala

* Our CCTV camera installation training course in Kochi, Kerala aims to create skilled and professionally superior workforce that are employment ready.

* One of the major problems faced by this booming industry is the lack of skilled professionals who can carry out work professionally.

* Our CCTV installation training programs focus on the practical aspects of the job in a more organized manner to equip students to meet the demanding practical requirements of the industry.


CCTV Training Center in Kerala!

* Our CCTV training courses in Kerala are designed to provide a perfect blend of relevant theoretical training with hands-on automation training which makes the candidates employment ready even before they finish their courses.

* The emphasis on the practical training makes sure that the students are capable of handling various adverse installing situations professionally with ease and high competency.

* Safety being our major concern while training students on different types of systems installation and maintenance, we are creating a new breed of CCTV system professionals who can get the job done the perfect way without any flaws or risk for the client.

* With the growing need for professionally trained experts, the security systems industry is sure to be benefitted by our students and automation training courses in Kerala for sure.


Who is the Course for?

* The course is aimed to help individuals who want to pursue a successful career in the CCTV system technology as a CCTV design engineer, CCTV sales professional, technician or any other CCTV system associated profession.

* As the opportunities in the CCTV technology industry are increasing, becoming a professional in an industry that is growing at such a rapid pace can be very advantageous for candidates.

* The CCTV training course is carefully put-together to equip the candidates with the right amount of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure in their area of operation.


What does the CCTV System Installation Course provide?

* The carefully-designed and structured CCTV System Installation Course and automation training helps the students get in-depth knowledge various theoretical aspects of CCTVtechnology and how they factor into creating an excellent CCTV surveillance systems meeting all the custom requirements of clients from different walks of life.

* The course is packed to provide each every details pertaining to the CCTV technology with effective use of hands-on automation training sessions.

*  The one-month training program has been perceived to provide the necessary in-puts to make you a skilled CCTV system design engineer, CCTV installation professional or an authorized CCTV contractor.


Is this a CCTV Certification Program?

Of course, yes. Upon successfully completing the single-month training course, you will be provided with a certification in CCTV systems technology.


What are the normal tasks required to perform off a CCTV system engineer?

* This is really a subjective question as depending upon of the size of the organization where you will be employed.

* In a larger organizational context, your job description will be exactly as given in your offer letter. If you are a sales professional, you will then be required to assist customers in finalizing the sales, the specifications of the equipment being purchased, customer service and other sales related enquiries.

* On the other hand, if you are working for a smaller organization with fewer people working, you may have to foresee and undertake everything related to CCTV systems.

* It can range from conducting various types of risk assessment, draft CCTV installation plans, cabling, CCTV camera installation, DVR installation, LAN and WAN configuration, Video transmission on IP networks and also inspecting remote viewing and commissioning the system.


Why us?

Though there may be institutions offering automation training, our unique training courses and service offerings make us the best CCTV systems training provider in Kerala.

  • 100% Student satisfaction
  • Multiple brand CCTV systems training. As there are different brands offering CCTV cameras and DVRs with different technical base, we make sure that our students get exposure to cameras, DVRs, Speed domes, NVRs and PTZs from three major international brands helping to improve the employability of our students considerably.
  • We offer objective career guidance and support for candidates who want to find job and even to start business in CCTV camera installation.
  • Industry leading instructors and faculty.
  • Special care is given to keep the syllabus updated with latest industry trends and advancements in CCTV systems and technology.
  • Free internship and training in our parent organization Controls & Schematics.