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Depending on the nature of the requirement of the candidates and the automation training, we provide custom-tailored and focuses courses.

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Course Name



Fees structure


BMS Technology

6 Months


Rs.6666 X6Months


Fire alarm & protection



Rs.10000X 2Months


CCTV Technology



Rs.10000X 2Months


Fibre optics Technology

15 Days


Rs.10000X 2Weeks


IASE Training & Courses in Kerala

Two-week Automation Course: The course is aimed at those candidates who do not have technical knowledge while enrolling for the main course. The course is given for the candidates who have paid the full course fee for the main course.

The two-week course focuses on the basics of electrical and electronic engineering. It helps candidates without technical background understand the concepts better and how systems work in practical environment. More than a course in itself, this program is an orientation program that prepares the candidates for what is to come in the main diploma course.

Job Training for Engineers : Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The course is provided free of course to students enrolling for the main course and those candidates who do not have a VHSC or ITI basic qualification must attend this two-week preparatory course before beginning the main course of automation training.

This course is specifically designed to equip students with no technical background that opt for courses such as CCTV System Training, Security System Training, Fire Alarm TrainingandBMS Technology. The course aims to familiarize the students with important electrical and electronics concepts.Students who attend this course will be given basic training on first aid, safety practices to be followed at work, use of measuring tools and instruments, important basic concepts in electronics, mechanical, electrical, pneumatics and hydraulics.

Upon attending the two-week course, the candidates will develop various skills required to perform first-line maintenance and operation of various security systems, CCTV systems, BMS systems, fire alarm systems, home automation systems and automatic gate systems. The focus is on instilling basic knowledge required in installing and servicing various home automation systems. The emphasis of the course is on ‘experiential learning’ where candidates are given training in real life scenarios that help the students develop skills required to perform installations and maintenance of various security system with a special focus on safety.Students are given with comprehensive and informative printed-notes to aid in their understanding of various theoretical aspects as well.

Objectives of the two-week course

After undergoing the intensive two-week training in the basics of electrical and electronics engineering, the candidates are expected to;

  • Develop a deeper understanding of safe working practices on electrical systems and to implement the same on work-site.
  • Understand the working knowledge of various important regulative requirements.
  • Learn various electrical principles and units relevant to the security systems.
  • Develop knowledge and ability to identify various electrical device and equipment and its principles operations and connections.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the principles of earthing and associated protective devices.
  • Detect basic flaws in the system and its fundamental symptoms and demonstrate the ability to understand various electrical systems.
  • Read and understand various circuit diagrams.
  • Function with a wide range of different cable types and practice accurate connections and terminations.
  • Ability to safely replace and remove various electrical and electronic components used in CCTV systems, fire alarms, electronic security systems and remote controlled gate systems.
  • Intelligently and carefully use correct electrical test equipment effectively to test and check a wide range of motors, sensors, encoders, audio visual alarms, solenoids, electromagnetic brakes, etc. as and when needed.
  • Recognize any type of Identify motor and power circuit flaws and failures and fix the same.
  • Develop necessary skills to understand and utilize relevant circuit diagrams as support system while installing and maintaining various security systems.

The course is crafted clearly to function as a comprehensive and top-class orientation program that covers all the basic concepts and practical elements that are a pre-requisite to move on to further advanced automation system training courses.

One-month Automation Courses:Students can attend this course after paying the complete fee.The single-month automation training courses are devised so that candidates can get focused attention on the topic that they want to master.